Planning & Management
We have the and pro team to plan, organized and managed conferenceses from smalls to high profiles meetings.
MyBranders has expert teams specialized in events. Upon the signing of a contract, we appoint a counsellor with your in mind. The assigned as the key representative throughout the entire life-cycle of the project and they are also with your company and partners.
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Pre-Forum Operations

· Forum Branding & Building Institutional
Identity & Designing
· Web Design and Digital Accounts Creation
· Determining Forum Format & PR Content
· Selecting Forum Theme & Content
· Appointing Moderators & Speakers and Designing Invitations
· Complete the List of Participants &
Forum Day Operations

· Transact Forum Sessions
· Provide Language Support & Simultaneous Translation
· Take Care of Honorarium & Gifts
Post-Project Operations (Maintenance)
· Plan and Transact Digital Forum Events
· Prepare Forum Digital Content & Conduct PR & Advertising Operations
· Post-Forum Publications
· Conduct Speaker Interviews
Pre-Forum Operations
The event management starts with the pre-forum operations. It involves establishing an event identity and branding. The of the forum is determined and speakers, moderators and guest list is finalized. We take care of all the accommodation arrangements best suited to your budget. MyBranders is responsible for , informative and extensive online presence for the event and create wide range of audiences. Our team will prepare catalogues for potential partners and sponsors to contact . Lastly, we plan and transact the welcoming day, which includes the the event, and a perfect change for networking.
Forum Day Operations
MyBranders team is present days making sure that everything is going according to the plans and provides 0-24 support. We are helping with forum sessions, we provide language support in the traditional translation or simultaneous translation. Our professionals are in non-stop contact with the tech communication. We take care of the honorarium and the memorabilia gifts for each speaker, moderator and guest.
Post-Project Operations (Maintenance)
When the event is over, our job continues. We publish post- forum publications, conduct interviews, prepare and digital content. On demand, we plan and follow-up digital forum events. Our digital team maintaining and the website and social media platforms with publications and content.
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