We create international brands.

Expand your business worldwide with MyBranders!
Who are we?
We are young, dynamic and enthusiastic players for small business growth pitch. We provide exceptional digital transformation solutions, extensive market research and reporting, exhaustive brand development strategies.
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We're designing a complex customer-centric ecosystem; not just value
chains, we're experimenting with the idea of brand awareness. We turn our client's visions into the reality: efficiently, sustainably, and affordably.
How we can help you
We help to develop young architectural companies and teams that innovate cities planning
We research
We can estimate your company opportunities, explore your economic status, analyze your vehicle access and foot traffic.
Marketing strategies
We develop the main conception of a company according to company target, develop strategies of competitive advantage.
We can realize your ideas
With the help of MyBranders, small-and-medium businesses can realize their idea of growth.

Extensive Market Research

We can estimate your company and project opportunities, explore your economic status, brand values and analyze international opportunities.

Branding Strategies

We develop the main concept of a company according to company target, then perfectly craft the brand identity. 

Business Plan

Business plans are made after extensive market research. We help companies to adjust their business plan to a realistic and reliable strategy.

Competitive Advantage

We find the competitive advantage of your business and exploit it resulting in massive growth in sales and expansion.

Digitalization is essential in today's technology-oriented business presence. Digitalization will open new doors to your business growth strategy as a vital step among internationalization and brand development solutions - which are significantly connected to each other.
How do we serve?
Our digitalization services provide your business with a strong online presence and brand identity.
We can estimate your company opportunities, explore your economic status, analyze your marketing effectiveness.
Digital Marketing
We develop custom digital marketing strategies based on the project, product, and competitive advantage. 
We develop project strategies and offer you marketing ideas to successfully complete the projects.
We help startups to create their visual identity, according to our marketing research.
Digital Visuals
We create animated key visuals for young brands, advertising promo videos, and installations.
Landing pages
We create landing pages for products and services, simple and effective, mobile adapted.
operational outsourcing
Our expert team provides operational support services for the sustainability of your business in international markets. We have the know-how that you need!
How we can outsource your company?
MyBranders' international team is fully integrated to your company and lets you sustainably evolve your organizational structure in this ever-changing international business world.
International B2B Marketing Teams
MyBranders' exclusive marketing and sales teams work on the field for raising your sales in target market.
International Digital Marketing Teams
We develop and engage the main conception of a company in digital marketing field.
Multilingual Social Media Management
We develop strategy, conception and ideology of the company's social media management.
International Field Support Teams
We provide you necessary field support from simple translation services to complex juridical questions.
Pricing and Service Plans
MyBranders' pricing policy is shaped by the principle of cost-affordability and our core strategy is based on the aim of increasing the sales of our clients.
Field Oriented Services
Fulfillment MAnagement IN TuRKEY
- Only for the retail operations,
- Usage of MyBranders storage up to 100 m2.
- CRM, shipping, returns and warranty management.
- Commissions starting from 10%
Point of Sales Display
- Only for the B2B operations,
- Usage of MyBranders showrooms up to 3m2
- Private stands and display cases
Basic Market Research
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- Marketing Networks
- Detailed Supply Chain Intelligence
- Advertisement and PR Intelligence
- Public Sector Consultation
Detailed Market Research
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- Regulations
- Competitor Brands Intelligence
- Competitor Goods/Services Intelligence
- Detailed Supply Chain Intelligence
- Advertisement and PR Intelligence
- Corporate mailing
- Translation&Interpretation
- Corporate Calls
Digitalization Services
Social Media Management (Instagram, Facebook, LiNKEDIN)
- Situation oriented texts
- Daily posts
- Original graphics and photos
Website Building (Landing)
- Web Builders Tilda/WIX
- Up to 10 pages
- Creative contents
Website Building (E-Store)
- Web Builders WIX/Shopify
- Up to 20 pages
- Creative contents
- 250 products and descriptions
Corporate Identity Building
- Logotype
- Covers, Social media designs, banners and etc.
Video Content (59 Seconds)
€ 1250
- Copyright-paid music and content,
- Graphics
- Multilingual voiceover
Animation Video Content (59 Seconds)
€ 1950
- Copyright-paid music and animated content,
- Graphics, illustrations
- Multilingual voice-over
Our Portfolio
Getting things done is a process. It demands accountability, and has clear goals. Follow through is the most valuable asset to any organisation.
Türkiye Maarif Vakfı |  Turkish Maarif Foundation
Consulate General of Malaysia in İstanbul
Radio Television Afghanistan
Ogma Fabrics
Global - Institutionalization, branding and international marketing solutions (B2B, B2C) in textile industry.
Leap Natural
Russian Federation - Poland: International Marketing of Pet Accessories (B2B/B2C)
International B2B Marketing Services
Scent Wind
International B2B Marketing Services
Luna Health
International B2B Marketing Services
International B2B and B2C Marketing Services
Zero G
International B2B and B2C Marketing Services for Showcase Industry
The Pair
Full Package of International Branding and Digitalization Services for Shoe-wear Industry
International B2B and B2C Marketing Services for Home Electrical Appliances Industry
Full Package International Branding Services for Outwear Industry
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