E-commerce Strategies During Pandemic

Onur Unsal, Chief Digitalization Officer
Due to coronavirus pandemia, we are all staying at homes -expectedly. We have no clue regarding how long this quarantine will take, yet, we surely know that many changes will occur from both personal life perspective and business strategies, during and after pandemic. Businesses which have highly invested in digital awareness of their brands should be aware of the fact that occurring changes will force them to rethink their objectives and plans for the future.Why so?
As end users/consumers are full of various emotions at their homes. Sentimental values for their families, jobs, social life, traditions and norms, etc. are nowadays remembered well -maybe more than ever. Many markets, industries, products/services are having tough times because of that -even though still some specific ones are in high demand. Any small mistakes done by a brand towards consumers interactively can cause sound damages on sustainability of business. When it comes to e-commerce, all above mentioned are valid either.

Regardless of market or industry type, we can mention pretty much anything upon how to monitor, review and react towards reformation of consumer behavior - but most common points should be as following:

  • Touching cautiously on cultural traditions and norms: People have now more time with themselves, meaning, they will get closer to their own beliefs, selfnesses, social facts, things they have forgotten to do for long periods of time due to busy daily life spent outside of home and all others taught by society.

  • Evoking the habits at homes, memories in the past, and possible future dreams in the post-pandemic era: I, personally, have recalled many activities and odd things while staying at home -which I used to do in the past. I've restarted to do them again but at the same time, my dreams and willingnesses of what to do after quarantine.

  • Right time for reshaping product segmentation for target audience: As product segmentation strategies by monitoring consumer attitudes and market conditions are always required, the quarantine period is the best for reshaping product offerings -considering current consumer data and future possibilities.

  • Still keeping seasonal variations in mind: Some products and services surely have seasonalities. Some have been significantly affected by covid-19 and some not. Therefore seasonal products on your website can be still attractive for end users.

  • Focusing and fixing any problematic steps on the sales and marketing funnel, as well as supply chain and IT/software related: I believe - every business in e-commerce has been experiencing some issues, failures. If there is no failure, you will not succeed anyway. It should be a rather convenient time for identifying problems on your marketing funnel and finding a remedy by interpreting past and current data of online marketing efforts, setting new goals and implementing them.

  • Rely on more and more data analytics (mobility reports -Google): Google has published covid-19 community mobility report -which you can find for each country across the world and see how your online consumers are moving around.

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