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MyBranders helps small and medium businesses to develop a strong brand image and offers them marketing strategy, digitalization and interntionalization solutions.
MyBranders is a modern marketing consulting company. We offer solutions to several requests that the market requires in 2021. Our expert team keeps up with the ever-changing market and responds quickly to the newest market demand and required connections. MyBranders is specialized in the needs of businesses to expand and realize their growth potential, especially in Turkey.

We are young, dynamic, and enthusiastic players for your business's growth pitch. We are experts on brand management and public and private sector consultation. If you own a business in any industry and you dream about expanding in the Turkish market, please continue to read.

Our team provides exceptional digital transformation solutions, extensive market research, reporting exhaustive brand development strategies, and public and private sector connections to Turkey. We are aware of the fact that there are tons of great companies out there that specialize in similar areas but we distinctively focus on your growth management. Briefly, we exist just because they exist and need a partner to make their dreams real.

We are the willing followers of 'First Who, Then What' concept, created by Jim Collins.

Many companies' vision statements are about: 'Where are we going and Why?'. For MyBranders, it is slightly different: 'Who are we going with and Where and Why?'. People create the companies. People nurture the cultures. Right people at the helm of the right places give birth to splendid corporate cultures.

Our business culture is unique as we walk with exclusive people to get extraordinary work done and to reach for excellent with our partners.

Our Core Values

Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
"Have the ownership"
From the very first moment, we hand over the ownership of work to our employees as they are the most added value for our corporate culture. What does it mean? Our people always have their own voice and space for creativeness for their future. Hence the floor is yours to lead.
"Smash the mediocrity"
We've already mentioned about creativeness. Because we hate mediocrity. Because we define success by setting the highest goals as much as our clients allow us. We have the best people who scramble for triumph and so that their sweat makes sense.
"Keep the passion"
You remember mediocrity is not valid for us. Our special people possess special passions. We are obsessive branders for victorious outcomes, YourBranders. In every part of our work, we dream of sunny tomorrows for your brand because our culture has tremendous amount of red colours.
"Be stunning and remarkable"
Our core is passionate people for our clients. Being stunning leads us to remarkable projects and business growth is inevitable afterward. While performing on the floor, you feel yourself in a breathtaking movie that has no end as we always chase for bigger accomplishments. Do you feel the pressure? No worries. We always have fun while working hard.
"Go Turkey for future"
MyBranders was born as global at the beginning. Thus your small business' future is waiting behind the borders. We believe that we have to take the benefits of globalization in order to design the future of your company. Let us take care of your brand on the globe as we love it.
"Commitment for the client"
Our employees are instinctively aware of the fact that our clients are the reasons why you are reading these lines. Being loyal and committed to valuable clients across the globe produces transparency of our hard work. Yes, we already feel attached to your brand.
MyBranders Team
Cuneyt Cicek
Chief Executive Officer
He graduated from the Turkey's most prestigious public management school Faculty of Political Sciences - Mulkiye of Ankara University.
He worked as an tax inspector in Turkish Ministry of Finance for four years where he gathered knowledge, experience and management tools.
Since he believes the importance of early career changes as golden key of self-development, Cuneyt resigned from his official job in 2018.
Being aware of the importance of export in development of private sector, Mr. Cicek initiated the Branders project which provides global business interactions to small-medium scale business leaders.
Speaks Polish, English and Turkish.
Hasan Altin
Chief Research Officer
After his graduation from the Faculty of Art and Science/ Department of History at Dumlupinar University, he holds a Master's Degree in International Affairs and Public Policy from Nankai University Tianjin/China, and is currently a PhD candidate at Shanghai University.
His current research directionsare China's Middle East Foreign Policy and International Political Economy of Economic Warfare and Sanctions.
He speaks Chinese, English, Kurdish, and Turkish.
Samuel Nam
Head of MyBranders
Business Development Manager
Samuel graduated in Finance and Mathematics from Bethany Lutheran College in Minnesota, USA.
Worked in the automobile industry (Hyundai/Kia) and electronics industry (LG Electronics) in charge of product management.
Speaks English, Czech, and Korean.
Vivien Altın
MyBranders Social Media Manager
Graduated from the Department of Public Affairs at the National University of Public Service in Budapest and holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Public Administration. After graduation, she got enrolled at Nankai University in Tianjin/China to study a Chinese language and culture program for 2 years, and currently, she is doing an MSc in Environmental Science and Chemical Engineering at Shanghai University.

She speaks Hungarian, English, and Chinese.
Firdaws Vaysov
Head of MyBranders Russia and CIS
He is Russia's most prestigious MGIMO-University graduate (MA in International Relations), Political Science PhD candidate and Political analyst. 4 years of experience in research of international affairs, Central Asia and world politics. Speaks English, Russian, Turkish, Tajik and Persian.
Credo: "There are no state borders, they are only in your mind"
Hasan Basri Bülbül
Head of MyBranders UK
Hasan Basri got his BA at Istanbul Law School, completed his master's degree in one of the most prestigious universities in UK, at the King's College London. He is currently a PhD candidate at the same university.
Thanks to his passion and commitment MyBranders services are getting excellent in the fields of research and field performance.
He speaks English and Turkish.
Ahmet Yiğit
Head of MyBranders New York
Ahmet is an entrepreneur, freelance small business consultant in NYC. He is graduated from New York University(NYU) in Business and Technology Management in 2013.
He has been offering consultancy on consumer Goods and Services specialized in Product Development, Marketing , Sales, Imports ,Exports, Start Ups and Grants.
Regularly attends national trade shows to check new trends, such as Fancy Food Show, Textile Expo, Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East, Automation Technology Expo (ATX) East, EastPack, Atlantic Design & Manufacturing, PLASTEC East, Quality Expo etc.
Muhammed Ali Nebioğulları
Head of MyBranders Boston
He earned his first diploma in International Trade from Selcuk University, his second BA in Economics from Ankara University, and his third BA in International Relations from Ankara University. He studied in Emerging Market Economies and Democratic Transition of South Asia at Harvard University. He is currently a candidate for my MA in Sustainable International Development and Development Management at The Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.
Prior to being a master candidate at The Heller School, He worked almost 5 years as a Treasury and Risk Management Senior Specialist at Turk Telekom Group AS.
Mr. Aras Boblane
MENA Regional Adviser
Aras is an aircraft engineer. He has expanded his career from VIP translator/interpreter to international business consultant in last five years.
Business for Aras is a kind of art and no doubts that Aras is a great artist. More than 1K startups were developed with his strategies and gain over 2M revenue.
Thanks to his networks in MENA and EU, MyBranders have created successful transactions.
He speaks Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, English and French.
Humeyra Seleş
MyBranders Company Lawyer
After her graduation from Istanbul Sehir University, she got LLM degree in Commercial and Corporate Law at Queen Mary University of London. She has been worked in international law firms in Turkey and in the UK. She has advised clients mainly on the establishment of corporations, mergers and acquisitions, project finance.

Speaks English and Turkish.
Fuat Esen
Business Development Manager
Fuat graduated from the Turkish-Kazakh Ahmet Yesevi University,Faculty of Mathematics in Kazakhstan.
He worked as an export regional manager,business development manager in several global companies at Kazakhstan,Russia,Turkey such as K-Mobile, Enka Construction Russia.
Now he is working as independent international business development consultant and actively representing professional worldwide business associations.
He is proud to announce participating Mybranders team and he has passion to create new business collaborations globally.
Speaks English,Russian,Kazakh and Turkish languages.
Salih Zeki Aydın
Business Development Manager
Salih is a graduate of Istanbul Commerce University, where he got the success scholarship with his outstanding degrees. Knowledge and implementation of theory is the most important features of his career.
Salih is the man of "praxis". Founded several children libraries by creating real financing models in south-eastern cities of Turkey. He knows how to solve problems and improve the given infrastructure. Therefore, he continues his further studies in Commerce University and develops different business models for new generation startups. He serves to different companies in various fields from shoeing to civil aviation as a first class consultant.
He speaks Kurdish, Turkish and English.
Selcuk Aydin
Research Consultant
After his graduation from the Faculty of Political Science at Ankara University, he hold a Master's Degree in Political Economy of the Middle East from King's College London, and is currently a PhD candidate at the same university.
He has conducted projects and published articles and opinions on Political Economy and Security of the Middle East and Turkey, and Turkish Diaspora in Europe. He did freelance consultancy to export and import companies on Turkey and Europe.
Speaks English, Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish.
Al-Mutasim Helal
Sales Specialist
After his graduation from faculty of commerce in Alexandria University, he worked as vice head of Media and Advertising committee in Environmental Awareness initiatives in Alexandria,
Later on worked as international sales advisor for Vodafone based in the UK
In Istanbul worked in the Sales industry on an international level.
Speaks Arabic and English.
Nazli Tarzi
Research Consultant
Nazli Tarzi is an independent London-based consultant that specialises in risk mapping, intelligence and security matters in the Middle East and North Africa.

She has worked and assisted in an advisory and research capacity for a number of organisations including The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, Transparency International, European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights, Control Risks, among others.

Tarzi is a published author and has previously worked in the field of television, broadcast and digital media. Her writings and TV credits feature on BBC Arabic, Aljazeera, Al-Monitor, The Arab Weekly and others. In her early academic career, Tarzi conducted ethnographic fieldwork across refugee encampments in the Middle East and southern Turkey, working alongside local NGO's and universities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Tarzi has a particular interest in matters of defence corruption, civil society movements, electoral politics, water governance and urbicide, in the context of Iraq, Syria and Libya. She holds an MSc degree (Distinction) in Middle East Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.
Dr. Bahri Bahirev
Senior Researcher
He is a graduate of Moscow State Institute of International Relations, one of the most prestigious universities in Russia, MGIMO-University, and holds a PhD in political science from the same university.
He has 7 years of experience in international relations, Central Asia and world politics.
He speaks English, Russian, Tajik and Persian.
Halim Mert INAN
Design Adviser
Although he studied in the field of Survey Engineering in Yildiz Technical University, he improved himself in the field of design from the first years of his studies and started to work.
For him, it has been a source of excitement not to give up research both digitally and theoretically and to follow the innovations all the time.
Design was a work-related passion for him. Since 2010, he is one of the founders and designers of Otonom Publishing and conducting joint projects with Arasta Architecture and IFMC.
Still working better to continue to work with excitement.
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