How do we work?

How do we make "branding"?

We focus on small or medium scaled enterprises, which have products with high comparative advantages.

Our services are aimed at developing businesses, digitalizing and internationalizing their operational and functional structure and opening them a way to global markets. Globalized economy not only makes things easier for a business, but it also provides companies with opportunities of enlarging their customers network worldwide.

In MyBranders' Boutique Branding Concept, we provide a company with step by step assistance to create their regional/global brand together.

MyBranders' principle is to work with the business leaders that have the talent, the will and the open-mindedness to bring changes and who are not satisfied with the status quo.

MyBranders' Boutique Branding Concept is flexible and adoptable to unique needs of every single enterprise and business idea. Boutique Branding Concept has 5 steps.
Step 1: Detailed Product and Market Research
We start with analyses.

MyBranders team makes the assessments of the enterprise, it's products, and the local/target market.

We deeply conduct the research of the enterprises' target markets both on local and international levels, gathering the all necessary information about branding process.

Analysis matters! Without deep learning of product dimensions, market conditions, competitors and enterprises' specific needs, it is simply impossible to create a brand.

Enterprises' product, or, the perception of product must be compatible in the target market. In order to understand the competitiveness of the product we create the "Detailed Product and Market Research Report". In this report, the enterprise meets the whole and clear picture of the targeted market as well as its potential clients and competitors.
Step 2: Specialized Branding Strategy
Since MyBranders believe in the enterprises' product, we create Specialised Branding Strategy. Our strategies are based on digitalization, institutionalization and internationalization of the enterprises' brand.

We develop annual programs for Specialised Branding Strategy, by implementation of which the business will transform into a small but professional institution with its own values.

On the bases of market analysis, we develop visual identity configurations for a business. The enterprise decides which one to be used.
Step 3: Developing Corporate Identity
In accordance with the chosen identity configuration we create a corporate identity package of the business. The package includes:

The enterprise's Logo with size standards, colour standards, usage rules, implementation forms and colours of Logo.
The enterprise's fonts, brand's colour standards and pictographs.
mailing templates:
Official letter templates,
Internal mailing templates,
Form templates,
Presentation templates,
A4 Report Templates.
Information Note Templates,
Meeting registration templates,
News Bulletin Templates
Email Templates
Print designs
Headed Letter Paper
Business Cards
Folders and Files
General Certificates
Certificates of Appreciation and Participation
Paper Bag
Id Cards (Institutional Id, Event Id, Car Id)
Flags (Triangle, Horizontal and Vertical Outdoor Flags, Celebration, Table Flags)
Name Tags
Indoor Routing Boards

Institutional corporate package is an essential part of business. Enterprises have to standardize and unify all process in organization in accordance with identity. One must keep in mind that only unified identity is sustainable!
Step 4: Digitalization of Business
After having developed the enterprise's corporate identity, we proceed to digitalization of the business:

We start with the enterprise's web page. We will provide a unique, user-friendly and mobile friendly design.

Our principal partner in building websites is WIX. We love WIX philosophy and recommend to all of our clients to cooperate with this builder.

We will develop the enterpris's digital platforms. Our client company must take it's place at digital domestic retail sale platforms. Besides, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and VK are their key places to meet with new clients.

Social media management is fully PR matter. An enterprise's instant and potential clients are all in the same digital platform with it. The key of the success in social media PR is unique content and fast interactions with the audience.
Step 5: Enter to International Market
Website is ready! Then it is time to internationalize the enterprise's brand.

Now, what we have to do is to continue digitization of business.

First of all, website has to be language-friendly to the target market.

Second, enterprises must take their place on retail sale platforms in the target market as well as worldwide (Ali-express, Amazon, E-bay, etc.).

Third, enterprises need new social media accounts in the languages of target markets. The content has to be specialized for the new audience. MyBranders are here to provide these services to enterprises!

But before doing that one must remember that the basic element of a brand is the enterprise's product. The company's product, or, the perception of it must be competitive in the target market.

MyBranders use different methods for internationalization of an enterprise's brand. As mentioned above, a brand is all about consumers. What do they know (or think they know) about the company? How do they perceive it? Do they hold it in high or low esteem? The way people view the producer company–and whether or not they recommend it to their friends–is the enterprise's brand.

On the base of "Wholesale" or "retail sale" strategies, we implement two different methods of internationalization of a company.

Retail sale or wholesale, brand awareness in target market has to be developed. We use PR opportunities of traditional media or social media in order to create this awareness. It's all about the enterprises' product image and it's market conditions. Under the Specialized Branding Strategy the enterprises receive our yearly/annual detailed plan for their traditional media or social media marketing programs.

First is conventional method. Here we use both digital and traditional B2B marketing tools in order to attract clients for an enterprise's products. Conventional method is suitable for wholesale-based branding. MyBranders provide this service on yearly contract base. We manage social media marketing and at the same time we form client database with our face to face contacts in target markets.

Second is digital method. Here we use only digital marketing tools in order to internationalize an enterprise's brand. This method is suitable for retail sale. We focus to develop and sustain brand in target markets by using digital marketing, trade and PR platforms. We ménage all digital marketing and sale processes in target market. In this method, MyBranders work with yearly contracts.

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